Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival - Ticketmaster

Dear Beer Fans,

We at the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival were just as shocked as many of you at the online processing fees charged by Ticketmaster when purchasing online or via telephone. This is our first year using Ticketmaster, and we are required to use them, per our contract with the Cox Convention Center.  Last year, when we moved the festival last minute due to weather, tickets were already sold out, so this issue did not come up.  Regardless, Ticketmaster will not change the fees, so we worked to get you some options that will avoid the online fees.  To that end, you have two options for purchasing tickets that will only charge you a $2.50 facility fee.

Option 1 is going to the Box Office at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Box office hours are Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.  Evening, weekend and holiday hours vary according to event schedules.  Cash or credit card accepted, no checks.

Option 2 is going to TapWerks Ale House and purchasing tickets.  TapWerks is open 7 days a week from 11am to 2am. Cash or credit card accepted, no checks.

We realize that being able to purchase online is a necessity for some, and a convenience for all.  If we could change the fees we certainly would.  For future events we will find a cheaper option.

Secondly, we would like to explain the difference between the Saturday VIP session and the other two sessions.  The Saturday VIP Session is from 1-4pm on June 18th.  The ticket is $50, which is $10 more than the other two sessions.  There are several reasons for this price difference.

  1. In this session, you will receive a 5oz glass tulip as your commemorative tasting cup.  In the other sessions you receive a plastic tasting cup.
  2. We are selling fewer tickets to this session which means shorter lines for beer, food, and restrooms. The festival hall is less crowded as well. All this means more time to sample and less time waiting to sample.
  3. The beers at this session will be poured by brewers, reps, and employees of the breweries. In other sessions, booths will be staffed by volunteers. This is an opportunity to meet the guys and gals who make festivals like this possible.
  4. There will be some beers poured at this session that will not be poured at other sessions.  Some might say these beers are "special."  Others might call them "rare."  We think you will like them.

Lastly, thank you for helping us make this festival great every year. We work very hard to make this a great festival for not only the beer fans, but also the breweries who attend.  Without your support, none of this is possible.

The Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival team